A Giant Head Guards Route 66

About 15 miles east of Kingman, at the corner of Route 66 and Antares Road, a huge green head keeps a watchful eye onĀ motorists as they pass by. There’s something eerie about it, like it popped out of the desert floor after tunneling there from Easter Island, where that famous colony of ancient rock heads resides.

37a tiki-smallBut in reality, it’s a work of art called Gigantus Headicus, and it was fashioned from wood, metal and stucco by Gregg Arnold. The artist moved to the area in 2004 andĀ  bought the abandoned RV park where his creation now sits. The concept of the giant head came to him, he told a newspaper reporter, “because the place looked like it need something like this.”

There’s not much there except a couple of empty buildings, the head and an open invitation to have your picture taken while standing next to it. Smiling, of course.


  1. Ima says

    We have pics of us by that head, how funny! We had stopped at the A-Frame store there to check it out and get directions to the Skywalk. The people there were really friendly and gave us 20% off coupons to the Skywalk and something else, I forget what it was but it was also at Grand Canyon West.

  2. says

    Hi Sam, I’m the artist that created Giganticus and I want to thank you for writing this article and I have to say this is a really cool site!

    As Ima said we have a little convenience store in the A-Frame now and I added more inter-active artwork as well as a water feature, and we welcome everyone to stop and take some pics!

    Have hope and keep smiling, Gregg Arnold

  3. says

    Again, thanks for the kind words. Will stop by next time am in the area. Hope you find a copy of the book. Should be on Amazon, or at Borders.

    Sam Lowe

  4. ANNETTE says

    Hi Gregg, I lived at Antares Point, Lake Mead Rancheros in 1964. I remember the A-Framed building. It use to be a restaurant with a 5 room motel/gas station. My mom worked there as a waitress. I lived in one of the homes behind the restaurant. When I lived in Antares “Point” there was only 5 homes. I’m really glad to see that the old building is still there and doing well. I have so many memories of that place and when I went to school in Hackberry. Thanks for the memories.

    Annette Fisher

  5. Gregg Arnold says

    Hi Annette! Thanks for writing and it really is a fun place full of positive energy and I’m glad you have so many fond memories of the place. Stop by when you get a chance, Gregg

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