Giant Skull in Yavapai County

05 skull

YAVAPAI COUNTY - Skulls are usually hidden away where they're hard to find, but the Giant Skull of Date Creek is right out in the open, and it's been in the exact spot for more than 100 years. The skull is actually a huge boulder painted white with black eyes, nose and a black toothy mouth so it looks like a real skull, even to those who are "imaginationally" challenged. Like … [Read more...]

Did You Know Lizards Can High-Tail It On 2 Legs?

Leopard Gecko

Excerpt from Valley 101: A Slightly Skewed Guide to Living in Arizona, a collection of Clay Thompson’s columns for The Arizona Republic. (Originally published October10, 2001.) Today’s question: I was at Lake Pleasant recently, and I thought I saw a lizard running across some rocks as fast as can be upright on its back legs. Was I hallucinating? I don’t know. Do you … [Read more...]

Doc Goodfellow: Arizona’s Gutsiest Physician from the Territorial Days

Cowboy Medicine

Excerpt from In Old Arizona by Marshall Trimble, the state’s official historian. The territorial days were a period in medical history of great scientific breakthrough; however, most surgeons in Eastern medical citadels preferred to be conservative in their treatment. Doc Goodfellow epitomized many frontier surgeons. Limited in their facilities, they had no choice but to … [Read more...]

A Scary Glimplse Down the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon

12 skywalk

GRAND CANYON - Looking down into the Grand Canyon has always been a test for those vertigo because it's thousands of feet from the top to the bottom. And now, in what would appear to be an attempt to make it even scarier, the Hualapai Indians have the Skywalk, a glass-bottomed walkway that allows those with a high queasiness quotient to view the Canyon from 4,000 feet while … [Read more...]

Arizona Place Names: A Slew of Cities and Counties with Spanish, Indian and Random Origins

Arizona State Map

Excerpt from Arizona Adventure by Marshall Trimble, the state’s official historian. Ever since man first set foot in this land called Arizona, he has felt compelled to name every river, waterhole, mountain pass and trail. Inspiration was usually drawn from great natural spectacles and awesome beauty, but not always. Among Arizona's fabulous mineral laden mountains lie the … [Read more...]