Two Arizona Cities Rank Among America’s Drunkest

With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, many Arizonans are stocking their liquor cabinets and planning their bar hopping destinations. Yet how often are we likely to party year round?

BeerASU and UA alum shouldn’t be super surprised to discover that Phoenix and Tucson made the list of America’s Top 40 Drunkest Cities, according to The Daily Beast. However, we didn’t come in as high as you may have thought.

It turns out fellow drinkers are much more likely to indulge in colder climates. Milwaukee, WI and Fargo, ND came out on top. The Old Pueblo was ranked 26, and Phoenix came in at 34.

The Daily Best evaluated three factors in this first annual ranking: average alcohol consumption over a month, the highest levels of binge drinking, and the places where large portions of the population suffer the dire health consequences from over-imbibing.

What are you thoughts? Would you have guessed we made the list?

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