Trivia on Arizona Cities & Towns: Can You Pass?

Test your knowledge of cactus and wildlife of Arizona with this short quiz, originally published in Marshall Trimble’s Official Arizona Trivia. Don’t scroll down too quickly. The answers are posted shortly below the questions. When you’re finished, leave a comment with your score. Did any answers surprise you?

Arizona State Sign1.  What Arizona city’s name means big house?

2.  In what city is Fort Whipple Veterans Hospital located?

3.  Where is the monument to camel driver Hi Jolly (Hadji Ali) located?

4.  Where is Phantom Ranch located?

5.  From what country did Tempe derive its name?

6.  What anniversary did Tucson celebrate in 1975?

7.  Where is Bell Rock?

8.  Name the crater near Winslow that is almost one mile across.

9.  Where might one find Fred Flintstone in Arizona?

10. What former southern Arizona boomtown’s name was syn­onymous with pumpkins and gourds?

11. What is the Phoenix metropolitan area affectionately re­ferred to as?

12. What desert community is jokingly called the “Fan Belt Capital of the World”?

13. What city has the Rosson House?

14. What city was the center of Arizona’s sheep industry in the late 1800s?

15. Where is Bucky O’Neill Hill?

16. What city is sometimes referred to as the Concentrator City?

17. Where is Tlaquepaque? (T-lockay-pockay)?

18. Name one Arizona community with the same name as a U.S. President.

19. Name one of Arizona’s “mile-high” cities.

20. What city is located in Tombstone Canyon?

Answers below…

1.  Casa Grande

2.  Prescott

3.  Quartzsite

4.  At the bottom of the Grand Canyon

5.  Greece (Vale of Tempe)

6.  Bicentennial (200 years)

7.  Sedona

8.  Meteor Crater

9.  Bedrock City (Valle), on the road to the Grand Canyon

10. Calabasas

11. Valley of the Sun

12. Gila Bend

13. Phoenix

14. Flagstaff

15. Bisbee

16. Miami

17. Sedona

18. Coolidge, Roosevelt, Johnson, Taylor and Fort Grant

19. Prescott or Bisbee

20. Bisbee


  1. says

    I hate to admit how many I missed but “knew” once I saw the answer! And I camped, traveled and hiked AZ for almost 30 years!!! Calabasas?? No clue at all!! Will do better on the next one. Keep the AZ Trivia coming!!

  2. SaraD says

    Missed 4 but, as Bill posted a year ago, I “knew” 3 of them as soon as I saw the answer. pft

    #14 kind of surprised me. What with all the stuff that was going on in the late 1800s over in what’s now Apache County, I’d have expected sheep to be shipped out of Holbrook or somewhere east of Flag. Never assume. 😉

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