Boynton Canyon Vortex in Sedona

Boynton Canyon Spire, Kachina Woman

Famed for its stunning red rock cliffs, Sedona is one of those Arizona cities you simply can’t get enough of. People travel from around the world to catch a glimpse of the crimson landscape sitting in our backyard. Yet the red rocks alone aren’t drawing tourists.

Yet the red rocks alone aren’t drawing tourists. Many flock to Sedona to feel the power of energy vortexes dotting the region. In this sense, a vortex is a spiraling, tornado-like force of spiritual energy emanating from the center of the Earth. Many believe these places are ideal for prayer, meditation and healing, as the energy is said to interact with one’s inner self. Vortexes are also known to increase psychic energy and make you more self aware.

The Boynton Canyon Vortex is one of several main vortexes in the area. It’s located just west of Enchantment Resort. Some vortexes are said to have either masculine or feminine energies. The Boynton Canyon vortex has both, which is supposedly ideal for balancing energy within oneself and with relationships.

Coyote Cheese Log Recipe

Cream Cheese

Once a month, we’re bringing you a scrumptious and “doable” recipe with a southwestern flare. This one was originally published in Clay Thompson’s Enormously Big Official Valley 101 Cookbook. Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? We just might feature that too. Submit to

The Titan That Never Clashed

Titan Missile

SAHUARITA — The Titan Missile Museum here isn’t really scary like a haunted house, but when you stop to consider the damage that one of those things could have done, it goes way beyond frightening.

Fortunately, it never happened.

During the Cold War, several Titan missiles armed with nuclear warheads were planted in deep holes and aimed at the Soviet Union as a matter of precautionary defense. None were ever fired, so nobody knows for certain what the consequences would have been. The site/museum here was originally known as Site 571-7, and was one of 54 sites in three states to be spared after nuclear disarmament treaties were signed. Now the complex is a museum that reflects on something that never happened.

Mogollon Monikers: Origins of Place Names in Arizona’s Rim Country

Mogollon Rim

Ever since man first set foot in this rugged piece of terrain known as Arizona, he has felt compelled to brand everything with a name. Inspiration for these place names came from a variety of sources—some quite obvious. Lousy Gulch got its name after all the residents got lice. When Mormon pioneers decided to settle near a large stand of Ponderosa pines, they simply named their community Pine. Another group settled in a small valley where…

The Facts on Aridity, Humidity


Q: The other day when it was raining, it made me wonder about this: Is it possible to have more than 100 percent humidity or less than zero percent? My husband thinks I am odd. A: He may be right. I don’t know. If he is just basing that on your question, you probably aren’t all that odd, but there may be other factors involved, such as manner of dress, eating habits or the like.