Arizona’s “Hollywood” Trivia: Can You Pass?

Test your knowledge of Arizona’s “Hollywood” scene below, originally published in Marshall Trimble’s Official Arizona Trivia. Don’t scroll down too quickly. The answers are posted shortly below the questions. When you’re finished, leave a comment with your score. Good luck! We have much more Hollywood trivia, so let us know if you enjoy it!

1.  Where was John Ford’s 1939 classic film, “Stagecoach,” filmed?

2.  The stage driver in “Stagecoach” was played by this Arizona native.

Movie Film Strip3.  Although the setting for John Ford’s 1946 film, “My Darling Clementine,” was Tombstone, where was the movie actually filmed?

4.  Which town was the setting for the 1964, Henry Fonda Glenn Ford film, “The Rounders”!

5.  Of which Arizona legend was the 1949 film “Lust For Gold” concerned?

6.  Which role did young Glenn Ford play in “Lust For Gold”?

7.  Michael J. Fox went to this Arizona site to film “Back to 3 the Future: Part III,” in 1989.

8.  Which classic old Arizona hotel was the San Antonio theater setting for the 1971 Paul Newman film, “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean”?

9.  Sterling Hayden and Joan Crawford filmed this 1954 western in Sedona.

10.  William Holden and Jean Arthur starred in the first movie filmed at Old Tucson. What was it?

11.  Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae starred in this movie version of a Broadway classic in 1954, filmed near Patagonia.

12.  Which famous stuntman was killed in 1986 at the Vermillion Cliffs while filming, “Million Dollar Indus­try”?

13.  Name the movie actress who was actually kidnapped by a Native American who wanted to ride off into the sunset (and marry her) while she was in Flagstaff making a movie called appropriately enough, “Wilderness Trail”, with Tom Mix.

14.  Sally Kellerman filmed “Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins” at this famous old saloon-restaurant in Cave Creek.

15.  Which venerable Arizona landmark was “blown up” in “McKenna’s Gold”?

Answers below…

1.  Monument Valley

2.  Andy Devine

3.  Monument Valley

4.  Sedona

5.  The Lost Dutchman Mine

6.  Jacob Waltz

7.  Monument Valley

8.  Gadsden Hotel in Douglas

9.  “Johnny Guitar”

10.  “Arizona”

11.  “Oklahoma”

12.  Dar Robinson

13.  Coleen Moore. (She was able to escape her would-be suitor after a wild ride in the wil­derness.)

14.  Harold’s Cave Creek Corral

15.  Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly


  1. SaraD says


    Thirteen out of 15. (I somehow missed seeing #11, but I would’ve known the answer to that so I’m giving myself credit for it. Ha!) Dar Robinson was one of my heroes and I used to live in Cave Creek, so those were a snap.

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