Is Phoenix One of the “Luckiest” Cities in the Nation?

Silver Horseshoe

What do Phoenix, Louisville, San Francisco and Wilmington, Delaware all have in common? They’re apparently very lucky places to live! Men’s Health just named Phoenix as the third luckiest town in the nation. Here’s how the magazine defines “luck”: the most winners of Powerball, Mega Millions, and Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes; most hole-in-ones (PGA); fewest … [Read more...]

Old Arizona’s Dick Wick Hall Puts Salome on the Map, Humors Travelers


Excerpt from Arizoniana by Marshall Trimble, the state’s official historian. Some of the West's most colorful characters ended up in Arizona sooner or later. For some, it was the lure of the boom town bonanzas. Others found it a refuge from the restrictions of more established societies in the East. For DeForest Hall, it was the wide open spaces and the weather. He liked … [Read more...]

Pyramid on Poston Butte Honors Old Arizona Freethinker

Pyramid on Poston Butte

FLORENCE -- A pyramid of mortared cobblestones sits atop Poston's Butte just south of Florence. It was built in memory of Charles Poston, a freethinker often called "the Father of Arizona." Poston was appointed as one of Arizona's first members of Congress and was politically influential in the state's early years. He lost the following election and returned to Arizona to … [Read more...]

World’s Largest Kokopelli in Camp Verde

World's Largest Kokopelli

CAMP VERDE -- The world's largest kokopelli, commonly known as "that big flute player," has been leaning over and giving silent performances in front of the Krazy Kokopelli Trading Post here for more than 20 years. The large sculpture stands 32 feet tall, sits atop a six-foot base and is painted yellow, so he's probably one of the main reasons tourists stop to check out the … [Read more...]