Featured Arizona Artist: Megan Dean

Once a month, Arizona Oddities is now featuring a Q&A with a talented Arizona artist who is influenced by our state’s people, places and history. This month, Megan Dean shares her diverse array of work, latest inspirations and a soft spot for two Old West icons.

Megan Dean
Artist Megan Dean of Innereye

Featured Artist: Megan Dean

Mediums: printmaking, beaded jewelry, mixed media
Website: Innereye, Art & Adornment from Arizona
Gallery: Ian Russell Gallery in Prescott
Upcoming show: Beyond Printmaking Annual Show at the Raven Café, November
City of residence: Prescott
Hometown: Prescott

How did you get started as an artist?

I have always been drawn to the creative life. After becoming interested in writing and poetry in high school, words turned into imagery and I am still very interested in all creative endeavors.

Where do you find inspiration?

It changes with what’s happening in my life and my immediate goals and growth. I am currently very interested in the artwork of children’s books, both classic and new, which I am reading to my daughter and exploring with her.

How does living in Arizona influence your art?

I think we have a great wealth of influences from our Hispanic and Native cultures in the state as well as cowboys and the Western theme and mystique.  I also love all the colors we can embrace: the blue sky, the bright ripe cactus fruit, the weathered adobes, etc.

Favorite Arizona getaway or adventure:

This weekend, we’re taking our third annual fall break trip to Bisbee. I have always been a fan of Bisbee and fall is the perfect time to enjoy gorgeous Arizona weather. Friends are joining us at the Gardens at Mile High from San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix and Tucson.

I live in Arizona because…

My family is here and we are very connected to each other and the landscape, the physical geography of  our shared history.

Favorite Old West icon:

I have a few, but will select Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They represented honesty and integrity and a morality we are definitely missing these days.  And those costumes – that beadwork!!! Happy Trails!

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