Move Over Chicago, Best Franks Found at Jimmy’s Hot Dog Company in Bisbee

Jimmy’s Hot Dog Company in Bisbee. Photo Credit: Kevin Korycanek

BISBEE – The iconic Chicago hot dog: an all-beef frank topped with tomato, pickles, relish, onions, sport peppers, mustard and celery salt, all encased in a poppy seed bun. Seems simple enough, but any Chicagoan will tell you that us Arizonans just can’t master this highly acclaimed recipe. Yet unbeknownst to most Windy City transplants who flood this state, a pint-sized eatery in the old mining town of Bisbee is churning out some of the country’s best dogs – even those dogs bearing the name of their beloved city.

Jimmy’s Hot Dog Company sits alongside Highway 92, just a short drive from Old Bisbee. You can’t miss the man-sized hot dog perched on the roof of the small structure. Despite its somewhat inconspicuous location in this small Southern Arizona town, the restaurant has managed to carve out a big reputation for super scrumptious hot dogs, namely the classic Chicago dog and chili cheese dog. (Not surprisingly, the owner hails from Chicago…)

Hot Dogs
Chili Cheese Dog (top) and Chicago Dog at Jimmy’s Hot Dog Company in Bisbee. Photo Credit: Kevin Korycanek

One key to success: quality ingredients. Jimmy’s doesn’t cut any corners. The Vienna sausages are juicy and cooked to perfection. The veges are fresh. The relish is vibrant and flavorful. The fries are addictive, (even after you’ve downed an entire dog). The grub even received a nod from Gourmet Magazine for its traditional flavors done right.

The Chicago and chili cheese dogs may be among the most popular, but there’s a large menu to select from, including German-style dogs, numerous sandwiches and a Sea Dog, which is made from beer-battered cod.

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More Info:

  • Location: 938 W. Hwy 92, Bisbee
  • Phone: (520) 432-5911
  • No website. Visit Yelp for reviews.


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