Tree Stump Sculptures Adorn Chandler Golf Course

CHANDLER — After summer monsoon winds knocked down several large trees on the SunBird Golf Course in 2005, the course operators decided that, rather than tear out the stumps, they’d turn them into works of art. So they hired local artist Bob Jordan, commonly known as “Chainsaw Bob,” to convert the stumps into sculptures.

Tree stump sculpture
Tree stump sculpture at SunBird Golf Resort. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

And so he did. So now the course is adorned with wooden figures representing the various forms of wildlife common to golf courses, like eagles, birdies, coyotes, roadrunners and, of course, a golfer wearing baggy Scottish knickerbockers and a tam. He stands guard over the eighteenth hole. Although the course is in a gated community, it is open to non-resident golfers and art lovers. It’s on Championship Drive south of Riggs Road.

For tee times and directions, call 480-883-0820 or visit SunBird Golf Resort.


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