Featured Artists: Sheri and Ralph Meldrum of Meldrum Art


Once a month, Arizona Oddities features a Q&A with a talented Arizona artist who is influenced by our state’s people, places and history. This month, a husband-and-wife team share their inspiration for utilizing one of Arizona's greatest natural resources. Featured Artists: Sheri and Ralph Meldrum of Meldrum Art Medium: Copper Website: www.sherimeldrum.com City … [Read more...]

The Out-of-Place Teepees Near Sacaton

Teepee near Sacaton on the Gila River Reservation. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

More than 80 years ago, the federal government erected a series of stone teepees (or tepees; tipis) on the Gila River Reservation near Sacaton. There was probably a reason for it at the time, but today nobody knows for certain why they were built. The assumption is that they were supposed to mark the reservation boundaries, but they were wrong both geographically and … [Read more...]

Joe Boot: An Unsung Desperado from Old Arizona

Joe Boot

If Joe Boot had never met Pearl Hart, he might have lived an uneventful life as a miner and businessman. But they did meet, and they did plan a stagecoach robbery. They got caught, and the capture catapulted Pearl Hart into infamy but left Joe Boot totally ignored in the hulabaloo that followed. Because she was a female, Hart's participation in the 1899 hold-up drew nationwide … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Centennial: 11 Hotspots for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Cactus Sunset

Arizona’s outdoors scene draws people from all over the world. Few places on earth are so diverse – dense forests, barren and beautiful deserts, picturesque mountains and canyons. Our state offers plenty of opportunities to explore and connect with Mother Nature. Here are some of our favorites: Exploring Northern Arizona's Lava River Caves: About 14 miles north of Flagstaff … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Centennial (sort of) with a Message, Compilation from Clay Thompson

Clay Thompson

I have been asked to file something new for this website about the centennial of Arizona's statehood. I'm finding this difficult, because it seems to me to be sort of an artificial landmark. Don't get  me wrong. Even though I have lived here for a long time, and  am not a true native Arizonan, I am nonetheless happy to be here. But I'm not quite sure about this  100-year … [Read more...]