Quick Roast Beef Taquitos Recipe

About once a month, we’re bringing you a scrumptious and “doable” recipe with a southwestern flare. This one was originally published in Clay Thompson’s Enormously Big Official Valley 101 Cookbook. Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? We just might feature that too. Submit to info@arizonaoddities.com.


1 tin Roast Beef, drained
8-12 Corn Tortillas
8-12 oz Monterey Jack Cheese (or Pepper Jack)
8-12 Toothpicks
Oil for frying

Mash the beef cubes with a large spoon. Slice the cheese if not pre-sliced. Warm the tortillas to make them easier to roll (I prefer heating them on a skillet or griddle, but it is okay to use the microwave or to steam or bake them in foil as long as you don’t dry them out too much).

Preheat 1/2 inch layer of oil or shortening in large frying pan. Put a tablespoon of beef and a slice of cheese on the bottom third of a tortilla and roll it up tight. Don’t put the cheese too close to the open sides of the roll. The rolled taquito should be a little under an inch thick. Use a toothpick to fasten so it won’t unroll. Optionally add a teaspoon of onion or salsa before rolling.

Fry half of the taquitos until they start to get crispy, flip and fry the other side. Repeat with remaining taquitos.My 12-inch frying pan holds 6 taquitos with plenty of space between them. Some of the cheese may melt and run out if you put it too close to the end. Spoon this back over the taquitos.

Serve with a brewski and your choice of salsa, ketchup, chile sauce, Cholula, Tabasco, gravy, or blue cheese dressing. Don’t eat the toothpicks.

Submitted by George D. Wood, Ph.D.



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