Endicott Peabody: Religion Arrives in Helldorado

Endicott Peabody, 1857 - 1944

Excerpt from “In Old Arizona” by Marshall Trimble, the state’s official historian. Ominous clouds hovered over Tombstone that January morning in 1882, as the Sandy Bob Stage rambled into town in a cloud of dust. The grey sky gave forewarning of a fast-approaching snowstorm. The passengers arriving that morning were, with one exception, typical— a military officer on his way … [Read more...]

Jalapeño Jack Grits Recipe

corn grits

About once a month, we’re bringing you a scrumptious and doable recipe with a southwestern flare. This one was originally published in Clay Thompson’s Enormously Big Official Valley 101 Cookbook. Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? Whether you're a professional chef or home cook, we want to hear from you. Submit to info@arizonaoddities.com. Jalapeño Jack Grits 2 … [Read more...]

Experience a Piece of Wild Africa in Northern Arizona

Griaffe at Out of Africa Park

CAMP VERDE - You don’t need to travel around the globe for an (almost) authentic African safari. Just head to Camp Verde. The small town in Northern Arizona is home to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, an interactive zoo with hundreds of wild and even friendly creatures common to Africa and other far off parts of the world. Unlike your traditional zoo, these animals graze … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Cheryle Hoover Davis

Ceramic Desert Tortoise1

Once a month, Arizona Oddities features a Q&A with a talented Arizona artist who is influenced by our state’s people, places and history. This month, Cheryle hoover Davis shares her deep appreciation for the Arizona landscape and the inspiration behind her ceramic collection. Medium: Ceramic Website: www.sapphiredawnstudio.blogspot.com City of Residence: Flagstaff, … [Read more...]

Scraps of Imagination Adorn Tucson Home

Scrap art by Jerry Hall in Tucson. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

TUCSON -- During his lifetime, Jerry Hall was not one to throw things away. Things like car fenders, bicycle pedals, golf clubs, license plates, automobile parts and bed springs. And coffee cans and water heaters. All were once broken and discarded, but then given new life in Hall's yard and house. Not only new life, but resurrection as objets d'arte. Before his death in … [Read more...]