Casa Grande Domes Are Nobody’s Homes

Domes near Casa Grande
Concrete domes near Casa Grande. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

CASA GRANDE — Oddity seekers will find a bonanza  when they come across a set of round relics squatting in the desert south of Casa Grande. At first glance, they look like abandoned UFOs. Closer inspection reveals they’re manmade, and they’re sort of spooky. They’re a series of domes. Some stand (or squat) alone; others are connected so they resemble a giant caterpillar. All are abandoned and have been severely vandalized, so there are no doors or windows left.

The domes are concrete covered with chemical foam. They were built to house an electronics circuit board factory but the project never got off the ground. Now it’s a merely gathering place for underage beer drinkers, graffiti artists and a wind that howls through the emptiness.

And, according to some, a few ghosts also roam around inside. The site is on the east side of Thornton Road, about 1.1 miles south of Interstate 8.


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