Those Bombastic Frontier Gazettes and Their Irrepressible Fighting Editors!

Arizona's First Printing Press in Tubac, Tubac Presidio Museum

Following that magnetic trail west and hot on the harbingering heels of fur trappers, prospectors, cowboys, merchants, politicians and preachers, were frontier fourth estaters armed with crude little hand presses and big-time dreams.

Hamburger Calico Beans Recipe

Lima Beans

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What’s the Difference Between Partly Cloudy and Partly Sunny?


What a question! Could you possibly be any dumber? Did you think of this question while you were getting dressed in the dark? What were you thinking? Is that it? Sorry, just venting a bit there. Actually, this is a very good question and one that I never really thought about much, but which now intrigues me greatly, especially because it came in twice in a week.

Prospector Joe Mulhatton Known for His (Very) Tall Tales

tall saguaro

Prospector Joe Mulhatton was a popular burlesquer of facts in Arizona around the turn of the century. Newspapers at the time were more blunt: they called him the most “artistic and consistent liar ever turned loose on a nation.”

Meet Georgette, the Scrap Pile Camel of Quartzsite

Scap pile camel

QUARTZSITE — Camels play a big role in this community’s history, so it’s no wonder that camel replicas pop up all over town. The most recent addition isn’t actually new; it has simply returned from the dead.

Or, in this case, the scrap heap.