All About Oddities: Third Edition of “Arizona Curiosities” Now Available

At the risk of being accused of tooting my own horn, I am compelled to note that the Third Edition of Arizona Curiosities is now on the market. It is bigger and fatter than the previous two and contains this really good photo of me, the author, taken on one of those days when I wasn’t looking overly peculiar.

The book is a compilation of about 250 of the strangest, weirdest, most unusual things, places and people I have come across in my 40-plus years as an Arizona journalist. Many of them have already been featured on Arizona Oddities, but most haven’t. It’s a nice book and makes a good bathroom reader, as long as you don’t get so engrossed that your legs fall asleep.

It’s available on, or, sometimes, at your friendly neighborhood Costco.

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