Look! It’s a Tractorsicle!

Tractor on a pole in Glendale. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

GLENDALE — Larry Rovey said the reason for the tractor on the flagpole is simple — he always wanted to see what it would look like if he put one up there. The tractor is a 1920s Farmall Regular, and it’s mounted on the flagpole in front of Rovey Dairy in Glendale. It rises about 20 feet off the ground on a steel post that used to be a utility pole. The area below the tractor-on-a-stick is filled with other old equipment that Rovey has collected, including plows, hay rakes, seeders and almost 200 other pieces of farm stuff.

Getting the tractor attached to the flagpole required the efforts of an entire crew and some heavy equipment. Fortunately, a utility crew equipped with a large crane was working in the area, and they volunteered to hoist the machine skyward after the pole had been inserted into a big hole.

The tractorsicle stands at 7711 W. Northern Avenue on the western edge of Glendale’s city limits.

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