The Totem Monument in Strawberry

Totem memorializing long-time Strawberry resident Ernest Ralls. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

STRAWBERRY¬† — Here among the tall pines of Arizona, there stands a totem pole in memory of Ernest Ralls, a member of the citizenry. During his lifetime, Ralls expressed a desire to own a totem pole, and the urge became so strong that he hired Arizona woodcarver John Quick to create one from a tree that had been killed by lightning. It stands about 25 feet tall and features a bear, a frog and an eagle.

After Ralls died, friends and relatives dedicated the totem to him and had a plaque installed near the base. It reads: “In Gratitude of Ernest R. Ralls Jr., March 18, 1920-December 14, 1998, for the creative planning, love, dedication and beautification of this area.”

The memorial totem watches over Fossil Creek Road about 1.25 miles west of State Route 87 as it passes through Strawberry.

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