The Story of George Wiley P. Hunt: Arizona’s First Governor

George W.P. Hunt

Excerpt from In Old Arizona by Marshall Trimble, the state’s official historian. George Wiley Paul Hunt was never quite sure why he came to Arizona. It might have been the aura of romance and excitement of the name and it might have been because a boyhood friend who joined the Army had been sent to the Arizona frontier and returned home with tales of adventure. Hunt's … [Read more...]

7 Quirky Sculptures Around the Valley

"Her Secret is Patience" by Janet Echelman

The Valley's diverse population brings some very diverse art as well. Here are some of our favorite pieces: The “Flying Mushroom” in Downtown Phoenix: One of the more recent additions to the city’s public art is large and a bit difficult to understand. Since being installed in the Civic Space Park in 2009, it has drawn considerable comment, not all of it … [Read more...]

Quick Facts About Tamales


Excerpt from “Enormously Big Official Valley 101 Cookbook,” featuring a collection of Clay Thompson’s columns for The Arizona Republic. (Originally published December14, 2003.) Classic newcomer/snowbird question: We have spent 11 winters in Arizona and still don’t know how to eat a tamale. Since this apparently is the big season for tamales, give us some direction so we … [Read more...]

One Million Tiles Make Up Mural of Tucson History

Tucson Mural

TUCSON -- Tucson is home to more than 150 murals, which adorn storefronts, residential walls, restaurants, parking lots, schools, private homes, banks, markets and art galleries. One of the murals, however, is indeed a curiosity, a true oddity. Not so much in scale and content, but in creation and location. It's the south half of the Barrio Anito Community Project, a colorful … [Read more...]

Massive Road Sign Marks Route 66 in Winslow

Route 66 Road Sign

WINSLOW -- Drivers who get off Interstate 40 to go in search of the road that was once the fabled Route 66 don't have any trouble finding it in Winslow because the trail is designated by the biggest Route 66 sign in existence. Shaped like a road sign shield, it measures some 30-by-40 feet and covers an entire intersection. Made of the same sticky substance used to mark … [Read more...]