Arizona Geography Trivia 2: Can You Pass?

Test your knowledge of Arizona Geography with this short quiz, originally published in Marshall Trimble’s Official Arizona Trivia. Don’t scroll down too quickly. The answers are posted shortly below the questions. When you’re finished, leave a comment with your score. Did any answers surprise you?

  1. Name northern Arizona’s best known and most recent volcano.
  2. Name the county seat of Greenlee County.
  3. Name the states that touch Arizona at the four corners.
  4. What Arizona city has California to the north and Mexico to the west?
  5. Name one of the three mountains at Sunrise Ski Area.
  6. What is the Mexican city next to Douglas?
  7. Name two of the three towns on Cochise County’s “Ghost Town Trail.”
  8. What was Hoover Dam first called?
  9. How many Arizona counties are bigger than the state of Rhode Island?
  10. What river is also known as “Big Red”?
  11. What Arizona city is named after a U.S. President?
  12. Name the river that cuts a swath through the bottom of the Grand Canyon?
  13. The Four Peaks are located in what mountain range?
  14. Near what city is Arizona’s highest peak, Humphreys Peak?
  15. What Arizona county is larger than New Hampshire, Delaware and New Jersey combined?
  16. Within 50 miles, how long is Arizona (maximum) from north-to-south and east-to-west?
  17. What city is the Vulture Mine near?
  18. Fort Whipple is near what city?
  19. What is the county seat of La Paz county?
  20. What is Arizona’s newest county?
  21. What Arizona city was formerly known as Hayden and Zeno?

Answers below…

  1. Sunset Crater (A.D. 1064-65)
  2. Clifton
  3. Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico
  4. Yuma
  5. Apache Peak, Cyclone Circle and Sunrise Peak
  6. Agua Prieta
  7. Gleeson,  Courtland and Pearce
  8. Boulder Dam
  9. All of them
  10. Colorado River
  11. Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge)
  12. Colorado River
  13. Mazatzal Mountains
  14. Flagstaff
  15. Coconino
  16. 392 miles at its maximum and 338 miles wide
  17. Wickenburg
  18. Prescott
  19. Parker
  20. LaPaz
  21. Mesa


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