Massive Road Sign Marks Route 66 in Winslow

Route 66 Road Sign
Massive road sign marks historic Route 66 in Winslow. Photo Credit: Todd Roth

WINSLOW — Drivers who get off Interstate 40 to go in search of the road that was once the fabled Route 66 don’t have any trouble finding it in Winslow because the trail is designated by the biggest Route 66 sign in existence.

Shaped like a road sign shield, it measures some 30-by-40 feet and covers an entire intersection. Made of the same sticky substance used to mark highway lanes, it was manufactured out of state then shipped to Winslow in pieces so it could be assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Those in search of a bit of nostalgia will find the giant marker on the intersection of Kinsley Avenue and Second Street, directly in front of the Standin’ On The Corner In Winslow Arizona Park.

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