11 Quirky Artistic Endeavors in Southern Arizona

Tucson Mural

Southern Arizona has a rich culture and some very talented artists. Here are some of our favorite sculptures, murals and other artistic endeavors.

Are Daddy Longlegs Poisonous?

Daddy longlegs are not actually spiders. Photo Credit: iStock

Q: I have heard the daddy longlegs is the most poisonous spider in the country, but its jaws are too weak to penetrate human skin. Is that true? A: Huh? The daddy longlegs? Are we talking about the same spider? The one with the long, skinny legs and the little body? Poisonous?

Mighty Helmet Display at Max’s Sports Bar in Glendale

Helmet display at Max's Sports Bar.

GLENDALE — Max Beyer’s original plan was to hang a few football helmets on the walls of the sports bar he opened in 1979. It was the first establishment of its kind west of the Mississippi River and it needed a theme, so Beyer went with the helmets he had collected.

Anthony Blum: The Man Who Conned a Priest

Anthony Blum. Photo courtesy of Glenn Snow.

Have you heard the one about how Anthony Blum’s deathbed confession kept him out of jail? It happened more than a century ago. In 1910, Blum was on trial in Connecticut, accused of bilking Father Arthur DeBruycker of $5,000 in a scheme involving a fake mining claim in Gleeson, Arizona Territory.

Cecil Cresswell: Arizona’s Lady Rustler

Cecil Cresswell

Up in the high desert around Winslow, there’s still talk of Cecil Cresswell. Despite the name, Cecil was a woman and also Arizona’s first (and probably only) female rustler. She didn’t take a lot of cattle, just enough to tide her over while she scraped out a living in the unforgiving desert.