11 Quirky Artistic Endeavors in Southern Arizona

Tucson Mural

Southern Arizona has a rich culture and some very talented artists. Here are some of our favorite sculptures, murals and other artistic endeavors: A Lumpy Goose Sculpture in Arivaca: Main Street here runs about three blocks long with little to distinguish it from major thoroughfares in other small towns.But the community does have a goose sculpture, and it is a very lumpy … [Read more...]

Are Daddy Longlegs Poisonous?

Daddy longlegs are not actually spiders. Photo Credit: iStock

Excerpt from Valley 101: Great Big Book of Life, a collection of Clay Thompson’s columns for The Arizona Republic. (Originally published April 9, 2004.) Q: I have heard the daddy longlegs is the most poisonous spider in the country, but its jaws are too weak to penetrate human skin. Is that true? A: Huh? The daddy longlegs? Are we talking about the same spider? The one … [Read more...]

Mighty Helmet Display at Max’s Sports Bar in Glendale

Helmet display at Max's Sports Bar.

GLENDALE -- Max Beyer's original plan was to hang a few football helmets on the walls of the sports bar he opened in 1979. It was the first establishment of its kind west of the Mississippi River and it needed a theme, so Beyer went with the helmets he had collected. It started small, but it grew a whole bunch. Before his death in the 1990s, Beyer had amassed more than 1,000 … [Read more...]

Anthony Blum: The Man Who Conned a Priest

Anthony Blum. Photo courtesy of Glenn Snow.

Have you heard the one about how Anthony Blum's deathbed confession kept him out of jail? It happened more than a century ago. In 1910, Blum was on trial in Connecticut, accused of bilking Father Arthur DeBruycker of $5,000 in a scheme involving a fake mining claim in Gleeson, Arizona Territory. During the trial, the priest testified that there was no mine and that he … [Read more...]

Cecil Cresswell: Arizona’s Lady Rustler

Cecil Cresswell

Up in the high desert around Winslow, there's still talk of Cecil Cresswell. Despite the name, Cecil was a woman and also Arizona's first (and probably only) female rustler. She didn't take a lot of cattle, just enough to tide her over while she scraped out a living in the unforgiving desert. Originally a sweet young lady from South Dakota, she drifted into Arizona and worked … [Read more...]