Buildings at Phoenix High School are Out of This World

Buildings at Robert L. Duffy High School in Phoenix are painted like planets. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

PHOENIX - The Robert L. Duffy High School takes academic architecture all the way to the outer limits of the universe. The small campus downtown (2550 E. Jefferson) is eye-catching because all four buildings are large monolithic structures with domes painted to look like the planets of Earth, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Despite their unusual exteriors, all four function as … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened to Ike Clanton?

Ike Clanton

Do you ever get to wondering whatever happened to Ike Clanton? He survived the infamous Gunfight at the OK Corral, but then where'd he go? Well, he died anyway. Fatally wounded in a different shootout. After leaving Tombstone when the smoke from the OK Corral incident had cleared, Ike and his brother Phineas moved up north and began ranching in Graham County. But he … [Read more...]

Bye Bye, Big I-10 Baby

A giant baby sign along I-10, west of Phoenix, suffered weather damage. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Since 1997, a giant baby has fascinated motorists along Interstate 10 west of Phoenix. The humungous infant was seated in an unplowed field north of the freeway near the Cotton Lane exit, and appears to be playing with toy tractors and adults. The cleverly-designed mini-tableau was done in plywood, the work of California artist Hohn Cerney, and the figures represented actual … [Read more...]

Featured Artist: Pete the Miner

Courtesy of Pete Incardona

About once a month, Arizona Oddities features a Q&A with a talented Arizona artist who is influenced by our state’s people, places and history. This month, sculptor Pete Incardona - aka Pete the Miner - shares his rocky path to becoming a bona fide artist. Featured Artist: Pete the Miner Medium: Marble. I've owned a marble quarry since 1992. Website: … [Read more...]

Abraham Lincoln’s Bodyguard and Other Civil War Soldiers Buried in Southern Arizona

Sign at the Pearce Cemetery, courtesy of Paranormal Intuitive Investigators. (Click to enlarge.) "Where Abrahan Lincoln's body guard and General Sherman's adjutant are buried, as well as Union and Confederate Soldiers, and colorful characters from Pearce's "Hey Dey."

While far removed from the thick of the Civil War, some fighting and territorial conquests extended here to present-day Arizona, including the war's westernmost battle. Sierra Vista-based Paranormal Intuitive Investigations recently stumbled across an interesting relic from this time during an historical investigation at the Pearce Cemetery – a sign and gravestones … [Read more...]