Bye Bye, Big I-10 Baby

Giant baby tableau on I-10
A giant baby tableau along I-10, west of Phoenix, suffered damage from weather and vandals. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Since 1997, a giant baby has fascinated motorists along Interstate 10 west of Phoenix. The humungous infant was seated in an unplowed field north of the freeway near the Cotton Lane exit, and appears to be playing with toy tractors and adults. The cleverly-designed mini-tableau was done in plywood, the work of California artist Hohn Cerney, and the figures represented actual people. Cerney used photographs while creating them. While the big baby was visible from the Interstate, several other smaller pieces were located on surface roads on the property, owned by Duncan Family Farms.

But they’re all in limbo now. All were removed from their original sites due to damage by the elements and vandals. A Duncan Family Farms spokesperson said they are currently undergoing renovation and will probably be reinstalled by next summer, but away from the freeway.


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