Living in the Round House in Mayer

MAYER — When Bill and Debbie Burkett moved to Mayer several years ago, they wanted to build a different type of house, something that resembled a geodesic dome but not quite. So they opted for a home that looks like a triple-dip ice cream cone.

Round house in Mayer. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe
Round house in Mayer. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Technically, it’s three monolithic domes. In non-technical terms, it’s a house shaped like a globe with two smaller globes attached. Either way, it’s an eye-catcher and car-stopper.

The interior contains about 2,600 square feet of living space.

Despite the impression it creates from the outside, the inside walls are flat, not round, so the owners don’t have to seek out customized circular furniture. It peers down on Mayer from one of the side hills at 13281 Main Street. And it’s well attached to the hill so it’s not going to break loose and roll down into town.



  1. Dianne says

    We had a friend who owned a small house in Mayer in the 1960’s. He used the house as a get-away from Phoenix. My dad was a carpenter and we would go to Mayer sometimes to do repairs or renovations for our friend. I loved going to Mayer because it was quirky. The people we met and the town itself just seemed to have a different kind of rhythm. If I were to drive through Mayer now, I wouldn’t be surprised by this home at all. If it were mine though, I’d paint it adobe brown!

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