Eager Home to Nation’s Only Domed High School Football Stadium

EAGAR — Those who aren’t aware of its presence might mistake the Round Valley Ensphere for a flying saucer. It’s a logical misassumption because it looks like a flying saucer, just waiting for a UFO pilot to come and fly it away. But in reality, it’s a multi-use facility based on the campus of the Round Valley High School. And it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Round Valley Ensphere
Round Valley Ensphere is only domed high school football field in the United Sates. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

It’s the only high school domed football stadium in the United States, seating up to 5,000 fans and encompassing 120,000 square feet of unobstructed floor space. But it’s more than a football field. It also has enough room for seven sports courts that can be used for basketball, volleyball and tennis; a 200-meter track, softball fields, office space, training areas and storage, and showers and lockers for up to four athletic teams at one time.

Since being built in 1992, the ensphere has become the primary structure for interscholastic athletic and physical education activities as well as community functions.


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