How Often Does a Century Plant Bloom?

Century Plant

In the case of the century plant, it’s name is actually misnomer. Contrary to popular belief, a century plant does not bloom every 100 years. Part of the agave family, a century plant typically lives 10 to 30 years, flowering only once at the end of its life. Other interesting facts include:

Trivia on Arizona’s Political and Legal History: Can You Pass?

Justice is served

Test your knowledge of Arizona’s political and legal history with this short quiz, originally published in Marshall Trimble’s Official Arizona Trivia. Don’t scroll down too quickly. The answers are posted shortly below the questions. When you’re finished, leave a comment with your score. Who was the first Asian-American elected mayor of a major U.S. city? […]

4 (Somewhat) Hidden Gems in the Scottsdale Area

Bells on display at Cosanti. Courtesy of Scottsdale Leadership.

Scottsdale hotspots extend far beyond shopping destinations, resorts, golf and spas. Here, we’re highlighting several special, lesser-known attractions that deserve some recognition.

Featured Artist: Marty Le Messurier

Courtesy of Marty Le Messurier

This month’s Featured Artist Marty Le Messurier describes how the Native American culture has influenced her oil painting.

Encanto Park Statue Dedicated to Scientific Progress

Encanto Park Statue

Q: At Encanto Park there is a statue of a man with some test tubes. I can’t find out much about it. Can you help? A: Indeed we can, dear lady. We have a fondness for this statue, which is dedicated to “World Progress Through Scientific Research in the Laboratory.”