There’s No Bull in Bullhead City

Bullhead City along Colorado River. Courtesy of Stan Shebs.

BULLHEAD CITY — The reason behind this city’s rather uncommon name is just a vague memory in the minds of old timers. Years ago, it was just a private development along the Colorado River in Mohave County, occupied by a gas station and a few houses. A large stone formation that, when viewed from the proper angle, resembled a horned bull sat in the river and became an important symbol for the area.

The Return of the Iconic Diving Lady in Mesa

diving lady

MESA — For more than a half-century, the Diving Lady was a splashy neon icon along US 60. But her glory days apparently ended in 2010 when a windstorm knocked her off her board, shattering the neon tubes that had flickered on and off as she performed her three-stage dive for decades.

Golfing on the (Oiled) Sands in Apache Junction

golf sand

APACHE JUNCTION — There are almost 200 golf courses in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Snake Hole Golf and Country Club isn’t one of them because its members march to the beat of a different five-iron.

The Story of Teresa Urrea, Mexican Healer and Miracle Worker

Grave site of Teresa Urrea in Clifton. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

CLIFTON — In one corner of the Clifton Cemetery, an unmarked grave silently braves the blistering sun, surrounded by wrought iron fencing. It houses the remains of Teresa Urrea. She is mostly forgotten today, but in her lifetime she was considered a saint by many and a rabble rouser by others.

Odd Couple Teams Up for Arizona History Project

Dolan Ellis and Sam Lowe

Here’s something odd — when Dolan Ellis and I first met, we tried to gun each other down in a shootout. It was a promotion for a Scottsdale’s Parada del Sol rodeo. We were armed with six-guns and faced each other on Main Street. Then we drew and fired, but nobody got hurt because we were shooting blanks.