Keeping the Riverbanks Lighted in Lake Havasu City

Light House Club

LAKE HAVASU CITY — Although it’s in the desert, many miles from any ocean, Lake Havasu City has something in common with the rocky coastlines of New England and the shores of the American West Coast. They all have lighthouses. The major difference is that those in and around Lake Havasu City are half-scale models.

Canaan in the Desert Offers Roadside Refuge

Sculpture at Canaan in the Desert in Phoenix. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Arizona’s roadside refuges offer peace, quiet and a place for inner reflection, should there be a need. They’re located all across the state, in small towns and large cities. One of my favorites is the Garden of Jesus’ Suffering and His Resurrection in Phoenix, which offers a walking tour into serenity. Located at Canaan in […]

A Well-Traveled Dinosaur in Holbrook

Bronze dinosaur statue was donated to the City of Holbrook. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

HOLBROOK — A bronze statue of a dinosaur stands almost forlornly in Living West Park here. How it got there is an interesting story. It began in 1997 when the Lundeen family bought the sculpture in New York with the intention of converting it into an outdoor shower near the swimming pool.

One of the World’s Largest Open Pit Mines in Sahuarita

Big wheel at

SAHUARITA — The Asarco Mineral Discovery Center, a tourist attraction south of Tucson, shows guests how big things get in Arizona. The center is affiliated with the Asarco Mission Mine, an open-pit operation that has been around since 1911. The hole measures more than 2.3 miles long…

Catholic Church Modeled After Navajo Hogan

Navajo statue inside church. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

CHINLE — Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church here sits near Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Reservation, so it’s entirely logical that it would be built in the shape of a Navajo hogan. Although substantially larger than the traditional Navajo dwellings, the building is six-sided and the entrance faces east, just like its smaller […]