Get a Whiff of This Old Arizona Party Spot


PINAL MOUNTAINS — Despite its name, Limburger Rock was, for many years, a popular gathering place in the Pinal Mountains. It received the aromatic title in 1910 during a stag party sponsored by an ice cream parlor in Globe.

The Legend of Apache Cave

Skeleton Cave in the Salt River Valley. Courtesy of the US Forest Service.

On Dec. 27, 1872, Army troops trapped a group of Yavapai Apaches who had taken refuge in a cave carved into a hillside located in the Salt River Canyon. The soldiers began firing from below. Upset by the wails of women and children wounded as the bullets ricocheted off the cave’s roof, Maj. William Brown ordered a cease fire so the Indians could surrender. But instead, they began a death chant…

No Lettuce Cooking at Yuma Lettuce Days


YUMA — Chef Hosea Rosenberg of Boulder, Colo., will be the headline chef for Yuma Lettuce Days, scheduled Feb. 28-March 1, 2015 at the University of Arizona’s Yuma Agricultural Center. Naturally, that poses the question: Is he really going to cook lettuce?

Orme Dam Days Missing the Dam


FORT McDOWELL RESERVATION — As a rule, annual celebrations are held to observe some historic remembrance, great feat or outstanding deed that occurred on a particular date years ago. But the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation puts on Orme Dam Days because Orme Dam never happened.

Caring for Creepy Crawlers in Apache Junction


APACHE JUNCTION — Creepy crawly things don’t bother Zach Ziesing. He just lets them creep and crawl down his arms and across his hands and he doesn’t even flinch or worry about warts. Ziesing is the proprietor of the Superstition Serpentarium at Goldfield Ghost Town, a tourist attraction east of Apache Junction.