Canaan in the Desert Offers Roadside Refuge

Sculpture at Canaan in the Desert in Phoenix. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Arizona’s roadside refuges offer peace, quiet and a place for inner reflection, should there be a need. They’re located all across the state, in small towns and large cities. One of my favorites is the Garden of Jesus’ Suffering and His Resurrection in Phoenix, which offers a walking tour into serenity. Located at Canaan in […]

A Well-Traveled Dinosaur in Holbrook

Bronze dinosaur statue was donated to the City of Holbrook. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

HOLBROOK — A bronze statue of a dinosaur stands almost forlornly in Living West Park here. How it got there is an interesting story. It began in 1997 when the Lundeen family bought the sculpture in New York with the intention of converting it into an outdoor shower near the swimming pool.

Worldly Art Inside St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church


SIERRA VISTA — Those who stop for an initial visit and prayers at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church here might mistakenly get the impression that they have inadvertently stumbled into an art gallery. It’s understandable because there is art everywhere inside.

4 (Somewhat) Hidden Gems in the Scottsdale Area

Bells on display at Cosanti. Courtesy of Scottsdale Leadership.

Scottsdale hotspots extend far beyond shopping destinations, resorts, golf and spas. Here, we’re highlighting several special, lesser-known attractions that deserve some recognition.

Smoki Museum and Prescott’s “White Tribe”


PRESCOTT — Like some of those they emulated, the Smoki People are a vanished breed. The Smokis were around for just a moment in archaeological time, tracing their existence back to 1921 up until the early 1990s. Despite that rather brief appearance…