Arizona History Trivia 6: Can You Pass?

Arizona State Flag

Test your knowledge of Arizona history with this short quiz, originally published in Marshall Trimble’s Official Arizona Trivia. Don’t scroll down too quickly. The answers are posted shortly below the questions. When you’re finished, leave a comment with your score. What was Papago Park in Phoenix used for in the 1940s? Name one of two Arizona governors to die in … [Read more...]

Ella’s Frontier Trading Post Still Standing

Ella's Frontier Trading Post

West of Joseph City on the south side of what once was the iconic Mother Road Route 66, sits Ella’s Frontier Trading Post, abandoned  since the mid 1980s when owner Ella Blackwell passed away. The building looks like it’s constructed out of telephone poles, because it was. Built by Fredrick “San Diego” Rawson, it once housed Navajo Indians who made jewelry and blankets. The … [Read more...]

Hubbell Trading Post Offers Glimpse Into Past

Hubbell Trading Post

GANADO - Opening the door to the Hubbell Trading Post is like opening a door into the past. With the sound of the creaky floors and exquisite Navajo rugs hung along the wall, it truly feels like you're stepping back in time. You may also find women weaving those rugs, so beautiful they are considered art. And don't forget to look up, as you will see woven baskets covering the … [Read more...]

Sierra Vista Gets Namesake from Contest

Sierra Vista

SIERRA VISTA -- Back in 1954, when Sierra Vista was an unnamed community serving nearby Fort Huachuca, the residents decided to incorporate. One of the first steps was selecting a name for the proposed city, so a contest was held. Among the names submitted were Buena, Garden City and Sierra Vista, which happened to be the favorite of Nola Walker. She was actively involved in … [Read more...]

The Legend of Apache Cave

Skeleton Cave in the Salt River Valley. Courtesy of the US Forest Service.

On Dec. 27, 1872, Army troops trapped a group of Yavapai Apaches who had taken refuge in a cave carved into a hillside located in the Salt River Canyon. The soldiers began firing from below. Upset by the wails of women and children wounded as the bullets ricocheted off the cave's roof, Maj. William Brown ordered a cease fire so the Indians could surrender. But instead, they … [Read more...]