A Beer Between the Forked Tree in Flagstaff

The Museum Club

FLAGSTAFF -- The Museum Club was beset with a diminishing history for years after it opened in 1931. It was first billed as "the biggest log cabin in the world." Later, it was downsized to "the biggest log cabin in the nation." But eventually, it became "the biggest log cabin in Arizona." Regardless of all that, one thing remains constant -- the front entryway is still the … [Read more...]

No Lettuce Cooking at Yuma Lettuce Days


YUMA -- Chef Hosea Rosenberg of Boulder, Colo., will be the headline chef for Yuma Lettuce Days, scheduled Feb. 28-March 1, 2015 at the University of Arizona's Yuma Agricultural Center. Naturally, that poses the question: Is he really going to cook lettuce? The obvious answer is: No. Lettuce is one of the very few uncookable vegetables. Those who try discover it doesn't hold … [Read more...]

Quirky Haunts to Eat Your Way Through Arizona

Arizona State Sign

By Linda Gorman, Communications Director for AAA Arizona. This article was originally published by McCormick Ranch Lifestyle Magazine. While Arizona is home to several upscale dining establishments that meet the most discriminating palates, the state is also home to several fun and kitschy places to nosh at as well.  Whether diners are on a road trip or just seeking out the … [Read more...]

Sing High Chop Suey House Named by Mistake

Sing High was supposed to be named Shanghai.

PHOENIX -- The Sing High Chop Suey House has been in Phoenix for about 80 years, which makes it an institution. But despite its longevity, the restaurant is a bit of a mistake. It came about this way: In 1928, Fred Lee migrated to Phoenix from China and opened a restaurant. He wanted it to be known as The Shanghai, but Lee spoke and read very little English, thus his … [Read more...]

Drink Like an Arabian Prince in Dateland

Date Palm Trees

DATELAND -- It turns out that there is a definite connection between royalty and date milk shakes. Milk shake consumers from around the world make that discovery when they visit the Dateland Travel Center, one of the few stop-offs between Gila Bend and Yuma. The center includes a gift shop, 300 date-producing palm trees and, most importantly, a restaurant that makes date milk … [Read more...]