Quirky Haunts to Eat Your Way Through Arizona

Arizona State Sign

While Arizona is home to several upscale dining establishments that meet the most discriminating palates, the state is also home to several fun and kitschy places to nosh at as well. Whether diners are on a road trip or just seeking out the unusual, below are some suggestions for AAA One and Two Diamond restaurants known for their quirkiness as much as their food.

Sing High Chop Suey House Named by Mistake

Sing High was supposed to be named Shanghai.

PHOENIX — The Sing High Chop Suey House has been in Phoenix for about 80 years, which makes it an institution. But despite its longevity, the restaurant is a bit of a mistake. It came about this way: In 1928, Fred Lee migrated to Phoenix from China and opened a restaurant.

Drink Like an Arabian Prince in Dateland

Date Palm Trees

DATELAND — It turns out that there is a definite connection between royalty and date milk shakes. Milk shake consumers from around the world make that discovery when they visit the Dateland Travel Centers, one of the few stop-offs between Gila Bend and Yuma.

The Making Of Olive Oil Slippery Job

Olive trees in Old Town Scottsdale.

Q: Being Canadian and never having seen real olive trees, I am delighted to find one on my daughter’s property in Paradise Valley. What do you do with them? I have visions of dancing and crushing them beneath our callused Canadian feet for the first press of a famous new olive oil. A: One day last winter I wrote something mildly snarky about winter visitors and got calls and letters from grouchy snowbirds for days afterward.

A Stompin’ Good Time at the Harvesting of the Vine Festival

71 elgin

ELGIN – Deep within the souls of most human beings, there lies this urge to jump into a vat of freshly picked grapes and stomp. Most never get to satisfy this yearning, but occasionally a small window of opportunity arises. One is the Harvesting of the Vine Festival, scheduled this year for Sept. 28-29.