The Red Garter: A Brothel Reborn in Williams

Red Garter B&B Inn

WILLIAMS — From its earliest days until now, the Red Garter has been a labor of love. The early occupants sold love, and the early patrons bought love. Now John Holst takes care of it with loving hands. The structure that houses the Red Garter Bed and Bakery…

Time Takes a Rest at Skull Valley General Store

skull valley gen store

SKULL VALLEY — The Skull Valley General Store performs its “Symphony of the Floor Boards” almost every day. Years ago, all general stores had such melodies because they all had hardwood floors which squeaked under the footsteps of those who trod therein. It was (and is) a discordant kind of music. The beat and length of each selection depended on how far the squeakiest walked across the floor.

Arizona’s ‘Old School’ B&Bs


There was a time when sleeping in the classroom was strictly a no-no. But today, in some places, nodding off in the schoolhouse is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. And the snoozers who once got their knuckles rapped are now welcomed with open arms and soft pillows. At least, that’s how it is in Globe and Bisbee…

Requiem for an Old Arizona Heavyweight


KINGMAN — Some of the old cowboy movie stars achieved fame for their ability to ride a horse, whup bad guys or strum the guitar and sing a song. But Andy Devine was not particularly skilled in any of those categories. He was best known for his raspy voice…

A Stompin’ Good Time at the Harvesting of the Vine Festival

71 elgin

ELGIN – Deep within the souls of most human beings, there lies this urge to jump into a vat of freshly picked grapes and stomp. Most never get to satisfy this yearning, but occasionally a small window of opportunity arises. One is the Harvesting of the Vine Festival, scheduled this year for Sept. 28-29.