Catholic Church Modeled After Navajo Hogan

Navajo statue inside church. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

CHINLE — Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church here sits near Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Reservation, so it’s entirely logical that it would be built in the shape of a Navajo hogan. Although substantially larger than the traditional Navajo dwellings, the building is six-sided and the entrance faces east, just like its smaller […]

4 (Somewhat) Hidden Gems in the Scottsdale Area

Bells on display at Cosanti. Courtesy of Scottsdale Leadership.

Scottsdale hotspots extend far beyond shopping destinations, resorts, golf and spas. Here, we’re highlighting several special, lesser-known attractions that deserve some recognition.

Smoki Museum and Prescott’s “White Tribe”


PRESCOTT — Like some of those they emulated, the Smoki People are a vanished breed. The Smokis were around for just a moment in archaeological time, tracing their existence back to 1921 up until the early 1990s. Despite that rather brief appearance…

Hear the Balladeer’s Ballads at Arizona Folklore Preserve

Dolan Ellis, Arizona's Official Ballader. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

RAMSEY CANYON — Dolan Ellis figured that if Arizona was going to have an Official State Balladeer, it should also have a place where he could hang out, sing his songs and study the work of those who came before. But after being appointed to the state position, Ellis discovered that nobody was collecting songs and folklore about Arizona.

Encanto Park Statue Dedicated to Scientific Progress

Encanto Park Statue

Q: At Encanto Park there is a statue of a man with some test tubes. I can’t find out much about it. Can you help? A: Indeed we can, dear lady. We have a fondness for this statue, which is dedicated to “World Progress Through Scientific Research in the Laboratory.”