Sedona’s Damfino Canyon Named After Mix-up

Damfino Canyon in Sedona. Photo Credit:

SEDONA — Many of the red rock formations that surround Sedona have earned their names by resembling such common items as a teapot, steamboat, merry-go-round and lizard head. But there’s nothing in official city history that explains Damfino Canyon. According to local legend, however, it happened this way…

The Legacy of Boojum Trees

Boojum tree

People who have nightmares about being chased by giant parsnips should avoid contact with the boojum trees. Fortunately, boojums are quite rare and do not move over the landscape to frighten humans. Despite that, they are weird. They resemble huge parsnips or green carrots sticking upside down out of the earth.

The Making Of Olive Oil Slippery Job

Olive trees in Old Town Scottsdale.

Q: Being Canadian and never having seen real olive trees, I am delighted to find one on my daughter’s property in Paradise Valley. What do you do with them? I have visions of dancing and crushing them beneath our callused Canadian feet for the first press of a famous new olive oil. A: One day last winter I wrote something mildly snarky about winter visitors and got calls and letters from grouchy snowbirds for days afterward.

Carob Trees Rank Among The Rankest

Carob Tree

Q: Our neighbor has two carob trees. Every November in the late afternoon or evening, just when I go to relax on my patio, the most horrific odor wafts through the neighborhood. It smells like a laundry bin at the Y. Why? You’re living next door to two carob trees? Oh, man you are sooooo out of luck. Various sources I checked used words or phrases such as…

Clapp is a Cotton-Only Artist


CASA GRANDE — Carl Clapp’s life and his art both revolve around cotton. He majored in art education in college and planned to teach but he shifted direction when his father-in-law urged him to get into cotton farming. So he combined both careers. He farmed during the day and painted at night.