How Often Does a Century Plant Bloom?

Century Plant

In the case of the century plant, it’s name is actually misnomer. Contrary to popular belief, a century plant does not bloom every 100 years. Part of the agave family, a century plant typically lives 10 to 30 years, flowering only once at the end of its life. Other interesting facts include:

Pick Mining for Peridot on the San Carlos Apache Reservation


PERIDOT — Several roads lead to the world’s largest deposit of peridot but less than half of them actually lead to the mine itself. They do, however, lead to roads that might lead to the mine. But once there, there’s no actual mine…

Drink Like an Arabian Prince in Dateland

Date Palm Trees

DATELAND — It turns out that there is a definite connection between royalty and date milk shakes. Milk shake consumers from around the world make that discovery when they visit the Dateland Travel Centers, one of the few stop-offs between Gila Bend and Yuma.

Sedona’s Damfino Canyon Named After Mix-up

Damfino Canyon in Sedona. Photo Credit:

SEDONA — Many of the red rock formations that surround Sedona have earned their names by resembling such common items as a teapot, steamboat, merry-go-round and lizard head. But there’s nothing in official city history that explains Damfino Canyon. According to local legend, however, it happened this way…

The Legacy of Boojum Trees

Boojum tree

People who have nightmares about being chased by giant parsnips should avoid contact with the boojum trees. Fortunately, boojums are quite rare and do not move over the landscape to frighten humans. Despite that, they are weird. They resemble huge parsnips or green carrots sticking upside down out of the earth.