Ella’s Frontier Trading Post Still Standing

Ella's Frontier Trading Post

West of Joseph City on the south side of what once was the iconic Mother Road Route 66, sits Ella’s Frontier Trading Post, abandoned  since the mid 1980s when owner Ella Blackwell passed away. The building looks like it’s constructed out of telephone poles, because it was. Built by Fredrick “San Diego” Rawson, it once housed Navajo Indians who made jewelry and blankets. The … [Read more...]

Hubbell Trading Post Offers Glimpse Into Past

Hubbell Trading Post

GANADO - Opening the door to the Hubbell Trading Post is like opening a door into the past. With the sound of the creaky floors and exquisite Navajo rugs hung along the wall, it truly feels like you're stepping back in time. You may also find women weaving those rugs, so beautiful they are considered art. And don't forget to look up, as you will see woven baskets covering the … [Read more...]

A Beer Between the Forked Tree in Flagstaff

The Museum Club

FLAGSTAFF -- The Museum Club was beset with a diminishing history for years after it opened in 1931. It was first billed as "the biggest log cabin in the world." Later, it was downsized to "the biggest log cabin in the nation." But eventually, it became "the biggest log cabin in Arizona." Regardless of all that, one thing remains constant -- the front entryway is still the … [Read more...]

Tug-of-War Settles Oraibi Dispute

Oraibi Pueblo, circa 1899, is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places.

ORAIBI -- This small community on the Hopi Reservation vies with Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico and St. Augustine in Florida for the honor of being the oldest continuously inhabited town in the United States. Unearthed artifacts indicate there have been people living here since about 1150 A.D. Oraibi's population once numbered in the thousands but smallpox, drought and the … [Read more...]

Cornville Named After Post Office Mistake


CORNVILLE -- This pleasant little community in Yavapai County got its current name due to an error committed by the U.S. Post Office Department in Washington, D.C. The original name for the location was Pitchner Place and a post office was established in 1885. As a settlement formed around the site, the residents figured Pitchner Place didn't have the proper appeal so they … [Read more...]