In Memory of Mike, at Prescott’s Courthouse Plaza

Mike memorial at the Courthouse Plaza in Prescott. Photo Credit Violet Killen

PRESCOTT — The Courthouse Plaza, downtown Prescott’s centerpiece, is a square block that encompasses an old courthouse, a large gazebo, statues of heroes, and a small bronze plaque that honors the memory of a stray dog. is name was Mike but most people knew him as “the community mutt.”

Sedona’s Damfino Canyon Named After Mix-up

Damfino Canyon in Sedona. Photo Credit:

SEDONA — Many of the red rock formations that surround Sedona have earned their names by resembling such common items as a teapot, steamboat, merry-go-round and lizard head. But there’s nothing in official city history that explains Damfino Canyon. According to local legend, however, it happened this way…

Even More Odd Street Names in Sedona

Boynton Canyon Spire, Kachina Woman

SEDONA — A recent Arizona Oddities entry listing peculiar street names in Sedona drew responses from numerous readers. Mike Peach commented that all the streets in west Sedona have one name if you go north — but a different name if you go south. “It might have been that this dual-naming gave the illusion of being a larger community,” Peach wrote.

Grand Canyon Steam Engines Powered by Cooking Oil

Grand Canyon train

WILLIAMS — The old steam engines that once chugged and their way across the nation are, for the most part, relics of a bygone era. Most were turned into scrap metal or shipped off to railroad museums. But the Grand Canyon Railway owns two of the old iron behemoths and they both still run. But they don’t use coal and water…

Help Needed for Shrine of St. Joseph in Yarnell

Concrete statue at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Yarnell. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

YARNELL — The deadly Yarnell Hill fire that killed 19 firefighters and caused heavy property loss in Yarnell also damaged the Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountains. The shrine has been a Yarnell landmark since it was built in the 1940s by the Wasson family. Tucson artist Felix Lucero had to develop a slow-setting concrete…