Keeping the Riverbanks Lighted in Lake Havasu City

Light House Club

LAKE HAVASU CITY — Although it’s in the desert, many miles from any ocean, Lake Havasu City has something in common with the rocky coastlines of New England and the shores of the American West Coast. They all have lighthouses. The major difference is that those in and around Lake Havasu City are half-scale models.

One of the World’s Largest Open Pit Mines in Sahuarita

Big wheel at

SAHUARITA — The Asarco Mineral Discovery Center, a tourist attraction south of Tucson, shows guests how big things get in Arizona. The center is affiliated with the Asarco Mission Mine, an open-pit operation that has been around since 1911. The hole measures more than 2.3 miles long…

Eternal Flickers at Patagonia Shrine


PATAGONIA — Near a small jog in the pavement south of Patagonia, cars pull into a small area where a set of cement stairs leads to a small shrine carved into a large rock. Several candles surround the religious statues inside the grotto. They flicker day and night, illuminating the small space while their smoke turns it a charred black.

Mow the Lake?

Coolidge Dam

SAN CARLOS RESERVATION — In the 1920s, the federal government decided Arizona needed another dam. Surveyors picked a site on the Reservation, and when the new barrier was completed, they named it Coolidge Dam, after the incumbent president, who actually showed up for the dedication ceremony.

Pick Mining for Peridot on the San Carlos Apache Reservation


PERIDOT — Several roads lead to the world’s largest deposit of peridot but less than half of them actually lead to the mine itself. They do, however, lead to roads that might lead to the mine. But once there, there’s no actual mine…