Get a Whiff of This Old Arizona Party Spot


PINAL MOUNTAINS — Despite its name, Limburger Rock was, for many years, a popular gathering place in the Pinal Mountains. It received the aromatic title in 1910 during a stag party sponsored by an ice cream parlor in Globe.

Orme Dam Days Missing the Dam


FORT McDOWELL RESERVATION — As a rule, annual celebrations are held to observe some historic remembrance, great feat or outstanding deed that occurred on a particular date years ago. But the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation puts on Orme Dam Days because Orme Dam never happened.

Laser Bombardment at the Governor’s Office

Evan Mecham

PHOENIX — Any mention of Arizona’s gubernatorial shortcomings, frustrations and downright exasperations should include the Laser Beam Incident. Just before he was removed from his term as governor in 1988, the late Evan Mecham told associates that he couldn’t talk openly in his office.

Tug-of-War Settles Oraibi Dispute

Oraibi Pueblo, circa 1899, is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places.

ORAIBI — This small community on the Hopi Reservation vies with Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico and St. Augustine in Florida for the honor of being the oldest continuously inhabited town in the United States. Unearthed artifacts indicate there have been people living here since about 1150 A.D.

Cornville Named After Post Office Mistake


CORNVILLE — This pleasant little community in Yavapai County got its current name due to an error committed by the U.S. Post Office Department in Washington, D.C. The original name for the location was Pitchner Place and a post office was established in 1885. As a settlement formed around the site, the residents figured Pitchner Place didn’t have the proper appeal.