In Memory of Mike, at Prescott’s Courthouse Plaza

Mike memorial at the Courthouse Plaza in Prescott. Photo Credit Violet Killen

PRESCOTT — The Courthouse Plaza, downtown Prescott’s centerpiece, is a square block that encompasses an old courthouse, a large gazebo, statues of heroes, and a small bronze plaque that honors the memory of a stray dog. is name was Mike but most people knew him as “the community mutt.”

A Gun-Totin’ Madonna in Springerville

"Madonna" sculpture in Springerville. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

SPRINGERVILLE — Along this community’s main thoroughfare, there stands a statue of a stony-faced woman carrying a baby in her left arm. A bonnet shades her eyes, and an older child clings to her long dress. She’s known as the “Madonna.” It’s a strange designation since…

The Red Garter: A Brothel Reborn in Williams

Red Garter B&B Inn

WILLIAMS — From its earliest days until now, the Red Garter has been a labor of love. The early occupants sold love, and the early patrons bought love. Now John Holst takes care of it with loving hands. The structure that houses the Red Garter Bed and Bakery…

Eager Home to Nation’s Only Domed High School Football Stadium

Round Valley Ensphere

EAGAR — Those who aren’t aware of its presence might mistake the Round Valley Ensphere for a flying saucer. It’s a logical misassumption because it looks like a flying saucer, just waiting for a UFO pilot to come and fly it away. But in reality, it’s a multi-use facility based on the campus of the Round Valley High School. And it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Recycling is an Art Form for Springerville Man

creates art from recycled materials. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

SPRINGERVILLE — Most people look at a teaspoon as an eating utensil. John Wilhelm, however, views it as an art supply, something that would look better if he turned it into a fish. And so he does. Wilhelm’s house and yard are filled with his art work, and almost all of it is composed of discarded materials.