Get a Whiff of This Old Arizona Party Spot


PINAL MOUNTAINS — Despite its name, Limburger Rock was, for many years, a popular gathering place in the Pinal Mountains. It received the aromatic title in 1910 during a stag party sponsored by an ice cream parlor in Globe.

The Legend of How Eloy Got Its Name


ELOY – Sometimes, a legend is to good to let die, even though there’s nothing to support it as truth. One of them is the story of how Eloy got its name.

How Nutrioso Got Its Name


NUTRIOSO — This Apache County community, located at the south end of Dry Valley, got its name because the Spanish settlers who first arrived in the area disposed of some native wildlife. One was a beaver (“nutria” in Spanish); the other was a bear (“oso” in Spanish).

The Story Behind Salome’s Fighting Frogs

Salome Frog Mascot

SALOME — The Salome High School teams are probably the only athletes in the country nicknamed the Fighting Frogs. It’s a tribute to a legendary frog that never learned how to swim. The non-aquatic amphibian was the brainchild of Dick Wick Hall, a humorist and country philosopher…

Keeping the Riverbanks Lighted in Lake Havasu City

Light House Club

LAKE HAVASU CITY — Although it’s in the desert, many miles from any ocean, Lake Havasu City has something in common with the rocky coastlines of New England and the shores of the American West Coast. They all have lighthouses. The major difference is that those in and around Lake Havasu City are half-scale models.