The Story Behind Salome’s Fighting Frogs

Salome Frog Mascot

SALOME — The Salome High School teams are probably the only athletes in the country nicknamed the Fighting Frogs. It’s a tribute to a legendary frog that never learned how to swim. The non-aquatic amphibian was the brainchild of Dick Wick Hall, a humorist and country philosopher…

Keeping the Riverbanks Lighted in Lake Havasu City

Light House Club

LAKE HAVASU CITY — Although it’s in the desert, many miles from any ocean, Lake Havasu City has something in common with the rocky coastlines of New England and the shores of the American West Coast. They all have lighthouses. The major difference is that those in and around Lake Havasu City are half-scale models.

Eternal Flickers at Patagonia Shrine


PATAGONIA — Near a small jog in the pavement south of Patagonia, cars pull into a small area where a set of cement stairs leads to a small shrine carved into a large rock. Several candles surround the religious statues inside the grotto. They flicker day and night, illuminating the small space while their smoke turns it a charred black.

The Mine That Ate an Arizona Town


MORENCI — If you ever dug up your mom’s garden with a tin scoop shovel and hauled the dirt away in a toy dump truck, you might want to look down into the Morenci Mine and appreciate what grownups can do with real tools.

Why Why is Why


WHY — Many years ago, Peggy and Jim Kater homesteaded at the base of the Little Ajo Mountains near the junction of State Routes 65 and 86. Because the junction formed a Y-intersection, they simply called their place “the Y.” Eventually, the Y attracted so many other residents…