Clifton Flood Gate (Almost) Put to the Test

Flood gate in Clifton. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

CLIFTON — The folks in Clifton have finally seen their flood gate in action, but nobody’s certain even yet whether or not it will hold back the waters. After the San Francisco River overran its banks and flooded the community twice in the 1970s and again in 1983, the Army Corps of Engineers and the state of Arizona developed a levee system…

Eleanor Roosevelt Leads Sober Dedication of Douglas International Airport

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1932. Courtesy of United States Library of Congress.

DOUGLAS — The first North American international airport dedication ceremony was held in Douglas in 1933, and it was a non-alcoholic affair. The airport began operations in 1929 and had an international designation because it was connected to the airport in the border city of Agua Prieta, Mexico, by a common runway.

Paradise & Eden: Nice Places to Live but not to Die For

Paradise Cemetery

The idea of going to a better place after departing this world appeals to many, but those planning to get a head start by being interred in Eden or Paradise will run into complications. Both are very small communities in southeastern Arizona and both have cemeteries. But getting buried there is not simply a matter of showing up in a hearse.

A Stompin’ Good Time at the Harvesting of the Vine Festival

71 elgin

ELGIN – Deep within the souls of most human beings, there lies this urge to jump into a vat of freshly picked grapes and stomp. Most never get to satisfy this yearning, but occasionally a small window of opportunity arises. One is the Harvesting of the Vine Festival, scheduled this year for Sept. 28-29.

George Daves and Petra Edmunds: Tragic Tombstone Love Story May Not Be What It Seems

Buford House in Tombstone

Have you heard of George Daves and Petra Edmunds? Legend has it these lovers took part in an attempted murder-suicide in front of the Buford House in Tombstone in the late 1880s. However, our friends at Paranormal Intuitive Investigations in Sierra Vista may have debunked the lore.