A Graveyard for Winged Warriors in Tucson

B-1 Bombers in storage at The Boneyard. Photo from Wikipedia.org.

TUCSON -- Where to old airplanes go to die? The Boneyard. Officially known as the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, the Boneyard is a central depot for U.S. military planes that have been taken out of service and put into storage. More than 5,000 of them now sit on 2,600 acres in the desert near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on the outskirts of … [Read more...]

Georgia O’Keeffe Behind Logo of Tucson Icon

Ghost Ranch Lodge

TUCSON -- The great artist Georgia O'Keeffe probably wouldn't have liked the way it turned out, but her onetime act of kindness resulted in one of her artworks becoming a logo for a motel. Her rendering of a white cow skull on a black background hangs on two signs at the Ghost Ranch Lodge at 801 E. Miracle Mile Road. O'Keeffe created the work in 1936 and give it -- and the … [Read more...]

Creation Painted at El Coronado Ranch

Painting of the Creation at El Coronado Ranch. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Near PEARCE - Turkey Creek and the dirt road named after it aren't what one might consider ideal sites for fine art, but there's some there anyway. It's inside a small church on the El Coronado Ranch, and it was placed there by Valer Austin, owner of the ranch and church along with her husband Josiah. The chapel measures 20 by 15 feet and contains a wondrous fresco that … [Read more...]

Shrine at El Tiradito Draws the Wishful

People burn candles at El Tiradito with the hope of a wish being granted. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

TUCSON -- In the heart of the city sits El Tiradito, an adobe wall that recalls a tragic love affair. There are several stories about its origins, but the most popular involves an ill-fated love affair between Juan Olivera and his mother-in-law. When caught in an amorous act by his father-in-law, Oliver was killed on the spot in 1880. But because he had sinned, he could not be … [Read more...]

Sierra Vista Gets Namesake from Contest

Sierra Vista

SIERRA VISTA -- Back in 1954, when Sierra Vista was an unnamed community serving nearby Fort Huachuca, the residents decided to incorporate. One of the first steps was selecting a name for the proposed city, so a contest was held. Among the names submitted were Buena, Garden City and Sierra Vista, which happened to be the favorite of Nola Walker. She was actively involved in … [Read more...]