Carefree Sundial is Among the World’s Largest

Carefree Sundial

CAREFREE – One of the world’s largest sundials anchors a colorful and eclectic desert garden in Carefree. This time-telling sculpture measures 90 feet in diameter and points to the North Star. The metal gnomon (which casts the shadow on the sundial) stands 35 feet and stretches 62 feet.

Not Even A “Sometimes Tallest Fountain” In Fountain Hills Anymore

Fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona

FOUNTAIN HILLS — The Fountain Hills fountain used to be billed as the world’s tallest because it shot a column of water as high as 562 feet into the air. Then a fountain in Illinois topped that mark, but it didn’t operate year-around so the Fountain Hills Fountain became a “Sometimes World’s Tallest.” Now it is neither.

Wallace and Ladmo, Gone but Not Forgotten

Family Watching Television Together

Q: My husband and I moved here almost a year ago. We were at a dinner not long ago with three other couples and everyone except us was talking about Wallace and Ladmo? Who are they? A: Alas, dear lady, it is not who they are, it is who they were.

World’s Largest Pipe Organ Delights Pizza Lovers in Mesa

pipe organ

MESA – Organ Stop Pizza possesses all the ingredients of a great pizza parlor, yet people aren’t just drawn here for the Spicy Italian or Hawaiian pies. They are mesmerized by the melodies of The Mighty Wurlitzer – the world’s largest pipe organ.

Is Fishing Allowed in the Valley Canals?

Valley Canal System

SRP is not exactly thrilled with the idea of you fishing in the canals because of safety issues. And it is illegal to be in or on the water of the canals. However, it is not illegal to fish in the canals. One thing: The canals are well-stocked, at considerable expense, with white amurs…