Canaan in the Desert Offers Roadside Refuge

Sculpture at Canaan in the Desert in Phoenix. Photo Credit: Sam Lowe

Arizona’s roadside refuges offer peace, quiet and a place for inner reflection, should there be a need. They’re located all across the state, in small towns and large cities. One of my favorites is the Garden of Jesus’ Suffering and His Resurrection in Phoenix, which offers a walking tour into serenity. Located at Canaan in […]

4 (Somewhat) Hidden Gems in the Scottsdale Area

Bells on display at Cosanti. Courtesy of Scottsdale Leadership.

Scottsdale hotspots extend far beyond shopping destinations, resorts, golf and spas. Here, we’re highlighting several special, lesser-known attractions that deserve some recognition.

Encanto Park Statue Dedicated to Scientific Progress

Encanto Park Statue

Q: At Encanto Park there is a statue of a man with some test tubes. I can’t find out much about it. Can you help? A: Indeed we can, dear lady. We have a fondness for this statue, which is dedicated to “World Progress Through Scientific Research in the Laboratory.”

Carefree Sundial is Among the World’s Largest

Carefree Sundial

CAREFREE – One of the world’s largest sundials anchors a colorful and eclectic desert garden in Carefree. This time-telling sculpture measures 90 feet in diameter and points to the North Star. The metal gnomon (which casts the shadow on the sundial) stands 35 feet and stretches 62 feet.

Not Even A “Sometimes Tallest Fountain” In Fountain Hills Anymore

Fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona

FOUNTAIN HILLS — The Fountain Hills fountain used to be billed as the world’s tallest because it shot a column of water as high as 562 feet into the air. Then a fountain in Illinois topped that mark, but it didn’t operate year-around so the Fountain Hills Fountain became a “Sometimes World’s Tallest.” Now it is neither.